Out Of My Mind

The following piece was prepared by the political scientist and writer Paul Nalo of the Jatura Blog. Make sure to check out Paul’s writing at jaturanet.co.ke.    A Tale of a Rambling Mind    I’m standing frantic before the open windowsill to my apartment, 30 floors up. Behind me,  a fire approaches, threatening to raze […]

Ngewa: Kasiva Mutua Rhythmical Tales on Percussion

The following piece was prepared by Afreative’s first guest writer; Maureen Shelmith of the Jazz Symphonic Blog. Ta! Ta! Ta! Tata! Tatatata! Praaaaaakaaadum! With every tap of the beat on the drum, it is an invitation, to a marvelous journey. The sounds of the drum encapsulate a joyful invitation to a musical expedition to a […]

Crushed by Love

Hello Afreatives,   As we know, Valentine’s day was this week. For some it’s been a time of excited expectancy, for others it’s another reminder of our solitude. As artists no matter which direction you’re leaning, it’s a time of big feelings. And big feelings means big art! At our very first webinar, we explored […]

Welcome To The Afreative Blog

Hello Afreatives! Welcome to the Official Afreative Blog!!!! We are so excited to share this space with you. This blog will be our way of sharing more in depth explanations of topics we discuss on our socials. It will be a collection of stories and musings from our team. It will be a place for […]